photo © Anu Honkapirtti
photo © Johanna Alasuutari
FIN CH Trendmaker's Endless Love

Sex: Dog Sex: Bitch
Hips: A : A Hips: A : A
Elbows: 0 : 0 Elbows: 0 : 0
Eyes: OK 11.8.2003 Eyes: OK 30.10.2004
FIN W-03, 3 x CC, RES-CC
3 x BOB, Group-3rd, 2 x Group-1st, BIS-1
Sweden CC, CACIB, Group-3rd
FIN CH, BIS, 2 x BIS-2,
Sweden CC, CACIB, Group-2nd
Awarded in Field Trial: 2 x Novice class 1st prize
Tracking tests: -
Tracking tests: 2 x Open class 1st prize
1 x Winner class 1st prize

Kennel Mallorn's, Anu Honkapirtti

Kennel Evening's Johanna Isaksson

3 black dogs and 4 black bitches were born march 26th 2004.

Uros / Sire:
FIN UCH Strongline's Eternal Flame WW-98 SW-98 FIN & EST & INT CH ESTW-99 W-00 Tawastway's Fooling Around FIN & EST & RUS & INT CH FIN TR CH W-97 Strongline's Flame Of Fame
FIN CH & TR CH Mistmoor's Blandbaker 
FIN & EST & INT CH Strongline's Jolly Known   Graemoor Tim Jh
FIN & LV & INT CH Strongline's Ever Known
FIN CH Mailiksen Lumikki FIN & S & DK & INT CH, FIN & S & N TR CH, FIN FT CH Biggas Ynga FIN UCH Eatons Minstrel
FIN UCH Artistico Giuliette
Mailiksen Villi-Ruusu Mellows Fieldmaster
FIN UCH Mailiksen Milk And Honey

Narttu /Dame:
High Praise's Wild Spice INT CH Winnie's Frankfurter Team Fieldvalley's Fabianco
Novacroft Madeleine  
Winnie's Wild Card   Novacroft Buster
Edente's Roll A Dice To Us
N CH Foulby Elouise Rocheby Sailing By GB CH Kupros Master Mariner
Rocheby Shady Lady
GB CH Cuanbank Island Mist At Foulby Cannonridge Jackdaw
Foulby Classic