kuva © Johanna Alasuutari
photo © Johanna Alasuutari

D.o.B./Sex: 29.5.2005, Bitch
Hips: A : A
Elbows: 0 : 0
Eyes: OK 25.8.2006
EIC: Normal / Clear


CC, RES-CACIB, Best Bitch 2-placement, RES-CC & 2 x Excellent
Awarded in Field Trial: Qualified in the field 15.6.2007
Tracking tests: -
Breeder: Kennel Evening's, Johanna Isaksson
Minna Myöhänen

Photos of Frida

FIN CH Ipohin Uloevi-Ko
FIN CH & EUJW-97 Rosanan Paul Pry Tweedledum Modern Talking
FIN CH Tweedledum Sweet 'N' Rosy
Ipohin Strongly Lined FIN & S CH Strongline's Have A Break
Ipohin Virginia
Evening's Fetching Fay
3 x CC
FIN CH Evening's Brisk Buff FIN & S & DK & INT CH FIN & S & N TR CH FIN FT CH Biggas Ynga
Bothwell Aeolian Harp  
FIN CH Trendmaker's Endelss Love High Praises's Wild Spice
N CH Foulby Elouise