photo © Anu Honkapirtti
photo © Aija Rantasuo
FIN CH Evening's Bothwell Divine

Sex: Dog Sex: Bitch
Hips: OFA Good Hips: B : B
Elbows: OFA Normal Elbows: 0 : 0
Eyes: OK Eyes: OK 15.5.2003
- Shows:
FIN CH, 3 x CC, 1 x RES-CC, BOB
Tests: Qualified in the field
Tracking tests: - Tracking tests: Open class 1 st prize

Kennel Visions, Kevin Henry

Aija Rantasuo

5 black dogs and 1 black bitch were born August 21st 2003.

Uros / Sire:
AM CH Sounder's Hear Me Roar Guideline's Fat Cat Fieldvalley's Fabianco  
Guideline's Carbon Copy  
Sounder's Vada Of Somis   AM CH Delby's Anchor Steam
Guideline's Dewar's Blend
AM CH Kellygreen Amazing Grace Vision's American Express AM CH Guideline's Master Card
Weathertop Television
Kellygreen Starling AM CH Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall
Charway Ballywren

Narttu /Dame:
FIN CH Mallorn's Shenadigan Rosanan Whisky Sour Guideline's Copyright  
W-96 FIN & INT CH FIN & S & N TY CH Rosanan Golden Rosebud  
FIN CH Mallorn's Opium   Dickendalls Arnold
Mallorn's Koh-I-Noor
Evening's Creamy Cecilia FIN & N FT CH Greedy FIN FT CH Vismutti
FIN FT CH Ramona
Bothwell Aeolian Harp FIN CH Pastime's Tripe-Hound
FIN CH Winnie's Keep Sake